Paul Harris Fellowships    
Paul Harris Fellowships are awarded to members of the local Community and their club in recognition of their commitment to the local community or the club. The award is named after the founder of Rotary (Paul Harris in 1905) . For each award, the club makes a donation of US $1,000 to the Rotary Foundation (which funds international humanitarian projects such as Polio Plus) in the name of the person to be presented with the award and for each sapphire or ruby subsequently added.
The following people have been made "Paul Harris Fellows" and/or have received sapphires to be added to their original award.
Alder, Rose
Everett, Tony (d)
Hong, Dr Le Duc
Mlynarz, Ted
Stanley, Barbara
Alcock, John (d)
Houghton, Barbara
Morrison, Charles (ss) (d)
Still, Jan
Alexander, Steve
Farrell, Kaye
Houghton, Peter (s)
Muggleton, Alec (d)
Still, Les (s)
Allen, Betty
Farrell, Peter (s)
Hung, Dr Hung The
Mula, John (s) (d)
Ambrose, Elaine
Fenech, Victor (ss)
Hutchinson, Doug
Murray, Pat (s)
Thomson, Jeff
Anderson, Diane
Fleming, Frank (d)
Hutchinson, Hilary
Threlkeld, Peter  (s) OAM
Anthtuan, Tanya
Flowers, Karl
Johnson, James APM
Nandan, Shiva
Tosch, Ann
Austin, Dr. John (d)
Freeman, Alvan
Johnston, Kerrie
Newton, Noelene
Tran, Chau
French, Bruce Ass. Prof.
Judd, Cec. (d)
Ngai, Henry
Tran, Dr Hien
Banks, Judith
Nguyen, Dr. Chinh
Tran, Michael M
Banks, Ted (d)
Gard, Donald (d)
Kandasamy, Peter
Nguyen, Thuan
Tran, Dr. Tam
Beadle, Dr. Peter
Gibbs, Geoff (s)
Keech, Bill (d)
Nguyen, Thuy
Trang, Do
Biffin, Hector (d)
Gibbs, Gregory
Kennett, Lachlan (s)
Trinh, Dr. William OAM
Blackburn, Judy
Gibbs, John (s)
Keogh, Carol
O'Connell, Shann
Bunter, Max (sss)
Gould, Fiona
Kernohan, Dr Michael
Buskermolen, Frans (ss)
Grant, Stewart
King, Dan
Peel, Greg (s) (d)
Butler, Kevin
Groat, Dr Bob (ss)
Kristen, George (s)
Peel, Laurel
Vo, Dr. Van Phouc
Perera, Tissa
Vu, Dr Le
Cartissano, Joe (j)
Labbozzetta, Vincenzo (s)
Pierce, Barry
Capra, Sam (s)
Habib, Elizabeth
Leahy, Jim (ss)
Pillay, John (s)
Walker, Kevin (s)
Cauchi, Joe (s)
Hall. Alan (s)
Lim Joon, Dr Troy
Potecki, Michael
Wallace, Debbie (s)
Cheng, William     Prak, Lakhena Watego, Colin
Chong, Dr. Juliana
Hall, Pauline
Luong, Michael
Watson, Mary
Cimino, Jock (s)
Halliday, Gary (sssss, r)
Ly, Lee
Ram, Pranesh
Whyte, Adam (ss)
Cimino, Joe
Halliday, Harford (s) (d)
Ly, Ming
Regan, Donald
Windle, Wal
Coffey, Mike (s) (d) OAM
Halliday, Lantri
Ly, Dr Rinna 
Reddy, Vinod (s)
Wong, Stephanie
Crozier, Dr John
Hankin, Frank
Reho, Francis
Worsnop, Dr. David
Hawley, Michele
McKellar, Gabrielle
Rudling, Jim (sss)
De Angelis, Glorio (ss)
Hayman, Vic (d)
McMahon, Robert
Yang, Thida
Di Giovanni, Remo Hili, Charles (s) McMillan, John Sheffer, Chris Young, June (sss) OAM
Donohue, Michelle Ho, Trudy Milenkovic, Inga Simmons, Brent Young, Ken
Dowsett, Allan     Simmons, Lisa  
Abbreviations used: d = deceased;  s = sapphires added to original award; r = rubys added.
The Club has donated Paul Harris Awards (PHF's) to the following Rotary Clubs for presentation to deserving members of their Communities:-
Harden-Murramburrah - 2 PHF's
Scone - 2 PHF's
West Wyalong - 2 PHF's
Southern Mitchell (Victoria) - 1 PHF
Lake Cargelligo - 1 PHF - 2019 Drought Relief Program
Companions - Australian Rotary Health
The club also recognizes special contributions to our Community and our Club by presenting Australian Rotary Health Companion Awards.
To make each of these awards the club has provided financial support to Australian Rotary Health of at least $10,000.
Gold Companions
Gregory Charles Peel (Deceased),
Gary Carl Halliday,
John Gibbs,
James Leahy,
The "Trinh Family" - Dr William Trinh, Stephanie Wong & Billie Trinh,
Dr. Felix Chan - Eggtober Foundation,
Ingham Institute - (Applied Medical Research),
Liverpool Catholic Club (Community Support ), 
Tadeuz Mlynarz, 
James Rudling, and
AHHA Ophthalmic Theatre Nurses.